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What We Offered:

We offered many new construction & home remedial repair & renovation waterproofing services in Hyderabad And many more waterproofing job works we have done in and around like - gk waterproofing contractors in Hyderabad in Telangana all over the state for more client we have given top-notch best gk waterproofing contractor services in Hyderabad. Do you want a leaked free home, We offer the latest high-quality expert waterproofing services with the latest equipment and new technology waterproofing chemical treatment with waterproofing systems to protect constructed building property from harsh weather changes like rain, cold moisture which forms in winter seasons heat in summer climate changes occurs frequently in nature whole year  which degrades house, we provide waterproofing solutions for construction homes with a low-cost quote who search online to waterproofing their home that may need fix-ups like waterproofing paint jobs, and walls and we care many types of waterproofing services which needed today for waterproofing in Hyderabad like We Provide best high-quality Waterproofing services in Hyderabad Basement, Roof-top, Terrace, Bathroom, Roof gardens, Damp-proof wall, lift pit, cellar, Grouting, Balcony, slab, ceiling, Slate tiles, Roof tiles



There are a number of reasons you might need to waterproofing your house, even if it needs remedial improvement work. For instance, where newly- under constructed houses also need waterproofing we do high-quality waterproofing services because - gk waterproofing contractors in Hyderabad are top providers in best gk waterproofing services in Hyderabad.


Terrace Green Building: If you need roof garden waterproofing services in Hyderabad We provide a terrace garden on rooftop” waterproofing services whether that means the money you spend on roof-top garden we give the best low quotation estimations for terrace waterproofing in affordable prices from best gk waterproofing waterproofing service in Hyderabad.


waterproofing services for a newly constructing home has been virtually always the better option to waterproof. Homes built today must meet far tougher national code standards for construction efficiency than just a few years back. Most newly-built homes, in fact, come with waterproofing company covering walls, roofs, windows, doors, and even. Virtually homes certifications because they were built to much lower standards — often decades ago, You can retrofit many elements of an existing house to improve its strength and efficiency through waterproofing types of areas like Waterproofing lift pit, Expansion joints, terrace garden Waterproofing, roof garden solutions,  Bitumen waterproofing treatment for all types of roofs viz, R.C.C, Indian tiled china tiled, Imported other country's tiled  roofs etc, We are also specialists in providing Exterior wall seepage, polymer cement based, Pu coatings, epoxy coatings, Elastomer  coating, damp proof course using two component cement based injection, Pu, grouting injection, epoxy grouting injection, methods for Basement, Retaining wall for Cellar for Apartments  Shopping malls and Water bound Structures, Underground water tank sumps pits , Concrete Overhead water tank Bathrooms,  etc. we are Experts with all Liquid and Sheet Membranes,  Waterproofing foundations, House foundations, Exterior foundation wall, outside foundation walls, Waterproofing slabs, Slab foundation, Roof foundation, waterproofing foundation walls, Foundation wall outside, Foundation wall membrane, Exterior foundation membrane, Waterproofing Polymer, Polymer crystallization, Cement and liquid polymer, Polymer membrane, Waterproofing crystalline, waterproofing elastomer, Elastomeric membrane, Elastomeric coating, Elastomeric paint, Acrylic paints, Waterproofing bituminous, Bituminous membrane, Bituminous paint, Waterproofing liquid, Waterproofing liquid for concrete, Waterproof liquid for membrane, Waterproofing injection, Waterproofing grouting, Waterproofing systems, Waterproofing polyurethane, Polyurethane membrane, Polyurethane coating, Polyurethane injection, Waterproofing epoxy, Epoxy coating, Epoxy injection, Epoxy paint, Waterproofing concrete, Waterproofing Concrete Roof slab, Waterproofing Concrete Roof, Waterproofing Concrete Water tank, Waterproofing concrete slabs, Waterproofing house foundations, Exterior foundation, Exterior foundation wall, Waterproofing raft foundations, waterproofing foundation insulation, Waterproofing structural, Structural waterproofing, Waterproofing underground structures, Waterproofing concrete structures, Waterproofing water tank, Waterproofing concrete tank, Waterproofing treatment for Underground water tank, Waterproofing concrete solutions, Waterproofing walls, Waterproofing walls exterior, Bitumen external wall, waterproofing wall before tiling, Waterproofing retaining wall, Basement wall, waterproofing retaining wall membrane, Waterproofing retaining wall blocks, Waterproofing Contractors, Waterproofing roof, Roof tiles, Roof terrace, Concrete roof tiles, Slate roof tiles, Under roof tiles,Roof terrace, Flat roof terrace, Membrane roof terrace, Terrace tiles, Waterproofing screed, Screed waterproofing membrane, waterproofing protection screed, waterproofing pvc membrane, Waterproofing bitumen sheet and paint, Waterproofing interior wall, Basement wall, Paints, Cinder block walls, Brick walls, Block wall, Curtain wall, Waterproofing Brick bat coba, Waterproofing concrete deck and roof, Waterproofing elevator pit and crystalline, waterproofing lift pit, Waterproofing underground concrete structure, waterproofing positive negative side, Waterproofing damp walls, Waterproofing Damp basement walls, Waterproofing joints, Joints in concrete, Expansion joints, Concrete waterproofing coating, Waterproof coating concrete floor, Waterproofing concrete roof coating, Waterproofing deck coating, Waterproofing concrete cracks, Waterproofing concrete construction joints, Waterproofing concrete Cold joints, Waterproofing parapet, Wall roofs, Brick, Waterproofing basement floor and wall Cracks Paints, Waterproofing bathroom floor tiles, Waterproofing bathroom floor before tiling, Waterproofing bathroom floor after tilingWaterproofing terrace garden, Terrace garden solutions basement waterproofing negative side, waterproofing a basement, waterproofing and leakage prevention, waterproofing applicators, waterproofing bathroom, waterproofing bathroom tiles, waterproofing bitumen, waterproofing building, waterproofing cement, waterproofing coating, waterproofing engineer, waterproofing epoxy coating, waterproofing experts, waterproofing exterior walls, waterproofing floor, waterproofing for basement, waterproofing for roof, waterproofing for slab, waterproofing for terrace, waterproofing for walls, waterproofing for water tanks waterproofing granite, waterproofing grouting, waterproofing home, waterproofing house waterproofing kitchen floor, waterproofing kitchen sink, waterproofing liquid, waterproofing liquid for concrete, waterproofing membrane, waterproofing nanotechnology, waterproofing new bathroom, waterproofing new construction, waterproofing of swimming pool, waterproofing of terrace, waterproofing of wall, waterproofing roof terrace, waterproofing roof tiles, waterproofing.


Waterproofing services:


we offer  all  types of  Waterproofing Services like: Terrace Waterproofing Services, Bathroom Waterproofing Services, Bathrooms Waterproofing Services, Walls Waterproofing Services, Wall Waterproofing Services, Cracks Waterproofing Services, Wall Cracks Waterproofing Services, Roof Waterproofing Services, Slab Leakage Waterproofing Services, Roof Tiles Seepage Waterproofing Services, Epoxy Waterproofing Services, Water proof Services, Roof Garden Waterproofing Services, Terrace Garden Waterproofing Services, Structures Waterproofing Services, Cellar Waterproofing Services, Cellars Waterproofing Services, Basement Waterproofing Services, Lift pit Waterproofing Services, Water tank Waterproofing Services, sump water tank Waterproofing Services, Joints and Anchoring Waterproofing services - Waterproofing  in Hyderabad.



About us:


Best gk waterproofing contractor  in hyderabad  We give the best High quality waterproofing services, 365 working days, waterproofing services to clients. And our family owned business since 1993. Our work is covered by maintenance guarantee for a period of 3,5,10 years, And some works are permanent expertise, solutions we are doing and previous works done most up to date techniques in the industry for both new construction and remedial residential, Commercial, Industrial Projects. We have excelled our job both in public and private sectors, So we hope you would avail of our expertise - gk waterproofing contractor services in Hyderabad, Secunderabad Telangana India, We pride our self’s in our expertise, quality workmanship and client services, we are looking forward to solve you with all your waterproofing and masonry restoration needs looking forward to the pleasure of hearing from you and thanking you.


Amazing Clients, and Projects


  • Our Mission: To Exceed our customers` expectations through the use of superior quality products, highly trained staff, and a desire to do the job right the first time.
  • Our Philosophy: You are only as good as your last job.
  • Our Promise: we`ll keep the water out as long as you will let us in to work.



Our Focus:


We focus our waterproofing services in this profession of dynamic trend with waterproofing expert technology; We extend our specialized skill set for exclusivity in the world of waterproofing specialist. Waterproofing solutions, Waterproofing expert. To provide good quality services to our clients, To  be trusted waterproofing service provider for Residential, Commercial, Industrial, And contractors, gk waterproofing services in Hyderabad, Telangana, India.


We at GK Waterproofing Experts in Hyderabad. Is one of the leading professional  waterproofing services in Hyderabad. We make use of premium quality chemical materials products to waterproofing your building, homes, villas, apartments, hospitals, corporate offices,  At gk waterproofing specialist in Hyderabad. We offer body corporate rejuvenation, commercial and; General Waterproofing Contractors in Hyderabad.  At gk waterproofing services in Hyderabad, Secunderabad India.



We are confident in the use of our waterproofing industry our expert approved applicators are among the best in the industry. Our experience stretches from large commercial projects to new home construction builds and constructed building repair restoration remodeling works, making the GK Waterproofing team the ideal choice for your next project. No job to big or small for us. We continually strive to remain currently with the waterproofing industry standards providing our clients with only the best experience specialization.



With over 25 years experience it's no surprise GK Waterproofing Systems is a trusted industry specialist. We care about the work we do and are passionate about delivering a top-quality end result that provides our clients with peace of mind. We stand by any project we put our name against and are proud to be a trusted and reputable provider within the waterproofing technology.



GK Waterproofing have installed a robust quality assurance system in accordance with specific project requirements, At the forefront of everything we do is our promise to deliver quality workmanship and a superior finish. We are affiliated with a number of the industry's leading products and as such we promise to complete a project of the highest standard through both the products we use and the skills of our expert applicators. Furthermore, our robust Quality Assurance framework means all our clients can be assured their project will deliver complete satisfaction while standing the test of time regardless of complexity; We are committed to continuing to develop our processes so that our customers receive an unrivalled project completed to a high standard. size and budget.






We work closely with our clients to ensure their project is as seamless as possible. We understand the complexities of new builds and constructed building repair renovations and strive to achieve solid working relationships with all clients to promote a stress-free process.




We understand your time is important and completing projects on time is of priority for our team. We'll work closely with you, with constant consideration of both your budget and timeline.




We work closely with all our clients to ensure any budget requirements are adhered to and that any changes or additions to your project are discussed thoroughly prior to commencing. Delivering the best possible result means working within our client's budget forecasts and constraints.




GK WATERPROOFERS, maintain a good going relationship with all of our clients waterproofing systems to name but a few, this is to ensure we keep up to date with any new waterproofing technology advances along with continuing to up skill our ever growing workman force to maintain a high level of competence, and to provide a complete future waterproofing solution for all project.




We are offering a complete waterproofing service for new and existing apartment projects, GK Waterproofing bring experience, quality products and expert craftsmanship to complete large-scale projects of a superior standard. Our team of applicators is confident working on exterior apartment features, delivering quality results and outstanding attention to detail.




GK Waterproofing offers a total residential waterproofing solution, with a focus on high-end residential buildings. We work with our clients to ensure both the interior and exterior of your home are treated to only the best waterproofing systems available, working within your timeline, budget and vision to provide a superior full service and a good quality waterproofing result.


Who We Are


Incorporated in Hyderabad 1993, The Waterproofing Company is the Oldest Waterproofing contractor services in Hyderabad, Lot as changed in the construction and infrastructure companies' industries since then, but our commitment to our customers and to our high-quality of work remains,


Our team follows all projects from estimate through construction to closeout, we are guaranteeing informed and knowledgeable service throughout the project, No handsoffs or team, just straightforward progress.


Our Experience


GK Waterproofing Services excelled in the experience of over 25+ years of experience in providing all types of expertise waterproofing services in waterproofing works to give our clients a team of highly skilled waterproofing systems applicators highest abilities resources will do our utmost to solve seepage problems, we help our clients to select a unique best high-quality exterior and interior waterproofing products that reflect your preferences and personality, We stop all types of leakage for new and old constructions with modern remedial repairs waterproofing solutions and best methods with 100% customer satisfaction till now we have provided to more clients.



What we do


At gk Waterproofing Company, we pride ourselves in the professional level of service that we provide via the following:


• Professionally trained and highly skilled technicians do the best

• Exceptional customer service and advice on time

• Cutting edge product knowledge and application techniques

• Diagnosing the best products and long term solutions for your work


Our technicians are passionate and professional in their approach to waterproofing and complete every project as if it was their own. With a wealth of knowledge about products and application processes at our disposal, we are committed to completing all projects works to the highest standards on time and on budget.  ensuring we can offer the best long term waterproofing solution for your project work. Keeping customer satisfaction by providing leak free solutions as the core of our business policy.


GK Waterproofing Services has a vast range of waterproofing capabilities. Our services range from remedial rectifications and repairs to brand new builds, we are able to install high-quality liquid applied waterproofing systems and impart technical knowledge throughout your project work.


In relation to remedial works, our expert team has the experience and up to date knowledge to suggest a solution for all internal and external waterproofing issues, one can get perfect solutions for every type of leakage, seepage and dampness problems.


Our highly skilled Waterproofing technicians specialize in:


  • Terrace Waterproofing
  • Bathrooms waterproofing
  • Water tank waterproofing
  • Sump water tanking waterproofing
  • Rooftop waterproofing
  • External Wall & inside wall waterproofing
  • Crack Filling Sealants waterproofing
  • Balconies waterproofing
  • Roof Tiles Waterproofing
  • Roof Garden Waterproofing
  • Swimming Pool Waterproofing
  • Basement waterproofing
  • Lift pits waterproofing
  • Retaining walls waterproofing
  • Bathroom waterproofing
  • Tile Joints Waterproofing
  • Pressure Grouting Cement Waterproofing
  • Crystalline Waterproofing
  • Grouting Injection waterproofing
  • Epoxy Grouting Waterproofing
  • Pu Grouting Waterproofing
  • Ponds waterproofing
  • Waterproofing Marble  Granite Glossy Coating
  • Waterproofing for Wood
  • Epoxy Floor Coatings waterproofing
  • Nano Waterproofing
  • Bituminous Waterproofing
  • Membrane waterproofing
  • Water Repellent Coating waterproofing
  • Vdf Flooring
  • Building Repairs & Restoring
  • Rehabilitation Waterproof
  •  Industrial Waterproofing
  •  Residential waterproofing
  • Commercial Building Waterproofing
  • Apartments Waterproofing
  • New Construction Waterproofing
  • You name it we can waterproof it


You name it we can waterproof it, on budget and on time.

Welcome To:  GK Waterproofing Contractors in Hyderabad, Telangana, India.

Why Choose Us For Domestic & Commercial | Waterproofing Contractors in Hyderabad | Waterproofing Services in Hyderabad?


We are, gk waterproofing contractor services in Hyderabad.


We have pioneered in this field with excellent track record with our clients with highly experienced crew workers man power. We use best new techniques process in levelling to control and solve building properties damage from causing mitigation in unwanted conditions like Mold, Fungus, Moister Vapours, Salt in Home Leakages in External, Internal Dampness when Rain comes it Spring in Series of order points to leaks or in Cold Weather radon attacks sever health problems, We use best good quality apply and supply waterproofing solutions for that are most critical works in sever building leaks, To protect construction concrete, Brick work, Plastering against to prevent any further damages, We Fix easily to eliminate remedy to repair and restore the Home Residency, Building, construction property for quick and fast recovery sectors signs from types of seepage areas like; Damp wall, Ceiling, Roof, Terrace, Bathroom, Water tank, Sump water tank, Cellar,Lift pits, Pillar, Beam,Column, Basement, Roof garden, Window, Elevation tiles, Terrace tiles, Swimming pools repairs drain and leak, Balcony, Stairs, Mosaic tiles joints, Shower, Existing  Pipeline leaking,  Ponds, Decks, Brick wall, Stone joints, Podiums, Balconies floor (s) flooring leakages, We treat all that works are most important and urgent to quick and fast to rebuild damages to protect in constructed buildings,  We use fast cure product which has good  Adhesion to envelope water with  top best waterproofing high build chemicals materials to waterproof surfaces water resistant protective chemical treatment solutions, To breaking the building code  because to improve building property’s to gain structures strength from lifetime recovery quickly  for which lasts for long lasting period of warranty, Small advice from us  We highly recommend do not avoid home or building leakages any other construction leakages problems it degrades entire structures strength of construction concrete, Corrosion, Steel, Wood, Paint décor Design, It makes life spam to shorter years in account,   We have overcome many building leakage to seal problem with great good quality professional application waterproofing systems installation techniques and expertise solutions to encapsulation of removal leak with creativity ideas,  We are in this waterproofing industry since 1993 year it’s our family owned business, We gain more knowledge from addition learning past general issues waterproofing working experience while inspection performed and tough applied topcoat which adhered vessels waterproofing installation while doing project works,We use highly recommended performance high grade chemical products from best waterproofing company,  We stop Hydrostatic Pressure leaks instantly using new methods (s) to seal perfect,  We care special and deal with major waterproofing building repairs services to fix it , Small waterproofing repair and restoration works, work is work, While we are inspecting leaks we alert you and explaining about if any major damages are in building we give full information details to clients, we give efficient friendly estimate with low priced effective quote with competitive inexpensive facility, Always a nice  homeowner building need reliable Crete safe good and the Top most  Best Waterproofing Contractors in Hyderabad, Telangana, India, When we waterproofed your house it will be leek free stay dry healthy homes. We go waterproofing services in Hyderabad have pioneered Applicators, Workers, Employees, Representatives, with fully knowledgeable skills crew and equipment which meet exactly the client’s requirement on the site of work. Who required waterproofing services we are providing clean and polite Best Waterproofing Services in Hyderabad, Telangana India.  Please feel free to contact us Or call us now.  We tanking you.


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We offer  more types of best waterproofing in waterproofing services Contact us now

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